Mittwoch, 14. Dezember 2011

Hairdresser's shop

Today a package of my friend Cornelia arrived and so I could finish the hairdresser's shop . Danny ,the hairdresser has now a customer . She wants to have an extravagant hairstyle and he gives her just the last finishing touches . Danny also has now an apprentice, called Justin ,but he is not in the mood of working. In the shop windows women will see the newest fashion with the heads with wigs Cornelia made for me . I really love them. Perhaps you see,that she put real eyelashes in the lids ! The shelf is now filled with a choice of beauty products. For the reception desk I made a modern ikebana arrangement in a vase of Elisabeth Causeret and painted by Magarethe Freudenstein. in red with gold.


The Old Maid hat gesagt…

This is so cool! Great work, Jeannette! Love the shop, your beautiful ikebana, all the dolls and heads!!

Ascension hat gesagt…

Que precioso trabajo.
Me encanta esa escena.
Tu ikebana es maravilloso, te ha quedado muy real.
besitos ascension

Janice hat gesagt…

This is great. I can almost smell the hair spray. As usual your flowers steal the show!

Eva hat gesagt…

Der Laden ist toll, und der Hairstylist sehr gut gelungen.
lg Eva

maria hat gesagt…

I like your salon very much, the dolls are gorgious and so are the dollsheads....real eyelashes wow!!

Josje hat gesagt…

Well it is clear that Tabatha doesn't have to do her 'Salon Takeover' here! Great dolls (love the stylist!) and of course some great plants! Wonderful roombox!

miniacollection hat gesagt…

It's fantastic and so real. I love the bouquet you made for the vase by Elisabeth Causeret.

Sans! hat gesagt…

I am enthralled! The thing I love most about your various boxes are the dolls. I think I have said that before Maybe too many times! :) But everything about that box is also carefully thought out. But real eyelashes take the cake! LOL. Couldn't she just have used real fake lashes :):). Just wanted to use the real and fake together ..teehee

Great box , fabulous ikebana and please book me an appointment for a shampoo , cut and dye! :)

Garden of Miniatures hat gesagt…

Hello Sans,what a lovely comment,I will give the compliments for the dolls to Cornelia :-) ! She is really a great artist and since I have her ,all my room boxes are alive ! I have booked an appointment for you,super service will be included :-) !