Montag, 13. Februar 2012

Clematis and ivy

The last 2 weeks I have worked at a large clematis in purple. I added an Ivy to this, because I think, so it looks more natural . The scene you see in the background is a new building of Karin ,she will send you more photos. Unfortunately  it is not mine :-( ,she really did a fantastic job by this !


Rita Minis hat gesagt…

Hallo Jeannette, die Clematis ist dir wirklich fantastisch gelungen. Ich bin so verliebt in deine Blumen.
Liebe Grüße Rita

The Old Maid hat gesagt…

I love your clemantis, Jeannette! And it is true ivy gives very natural look to it.:)

Janas Minibücher hat gesagt…

Einfach nur Traumhaft. Mir fehlen die Worte. LG Jana

Ilona hat gesagt…

I'am speachless: what a gigantic task!!! Beautiful!!! What a patient woman you are.
Kind regards, Ilona

Catherine hat gesagt…

Your clematis is so natural and beautiful! I can't even imagine how much work that had to have been. The addition of the ivy was a great addition.
Karin's work is always wonderful! I won't miss seeing her post about this new piece. :-)

Maria Ireland hat gesagt…

Your clematis and ivy are gorgeous. They look so real wonderful job.
Hugs Maria

Eliana hat gesagt…

So beautiful! Great work!

Rosethé hat gesagt…

belle clématite, j'aime aussi beaucoup la façade sur laquelle elle s'étale.

Kikka hat gesagt…

Wonderful work! Love that Ivy!
Hugs and Happy Valentine`s Day to You!

Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan hat gesagt…

Bellisímas como siempre!!!

Maria hat gesagt…

You did a fantastic job!!! I love your clematis and ivy and it looks so real! Karin's work is also very good, your both are real artists.

miniacollection hat gesagt…


linsminis hat gesagt…

The clematis is as fantastic as all your beautiful flowers...I don't know how you do it! :-))

Sylvia Mobley hat gesagt…

I would love to have these beautiful plants growing on my own home! Sylvia

WeeLittleWest / Kathy Olaf-Obrenski hat gesagt…

Happy Valentine's Day!! Gorgeous!

Un Taller de Miniaturas hat gesagt…

It is a very good work as always, Jeannette!!
The combination of the ivy with the clematis is fantastic, so real... The 'backgroung' is perfect too. Karin made a great work. I congrat both of you :))

Giac hat gesagt…

Hi Jeannette,
Great work. It looks very realistic and very beautiful.
All the best,

MALINIK hat gesagt…

That's really a fantastic job!
Ina :)

Monika hat gesagt…

Tolle Arbeit... gefällt mir sehr gut.

Liebe grüße

PuNo / Monika

Miniaturas Cobos hat gesagt…

Me encantan tus plantas.
!!Son perfectas!! Enhorabuena.
Un abrazo

Ascension hat gesagt…

Es una hermosa planta, te ha quedado muy real.
besitos ascension