Mittwoch, 14. April 2010


Habe wiedermal eine Brombeere gemacht und wie immer hat sie mich sehr gequält mit all ihren Tücken, die in dieser Pflanze stecken.Nun tritt sie ihren weiten Weg nach Australien an ;-)!


synnøve hat gesagt…

Beautiful and no doubt difficult work!!!! These berries are amongst my favorites to eat, but really hard to pick!!
Off to Australia? Just holiday or miniature fair? Lucky you :-)
Synnøve :)

rosanna hat gesagt…

OMG I'm always in awe at your work. I love every single berry. Rosanna

Eva J hat gesagt…

Oh - they are perfect - as is all of your
work. I am sure they will be very much
appreciated in Australia!

Eva J

Ascension hat gesagt…

Te ha quedado genial!!!!
Ahora ya puedes hacer un precioso pastel de moras
besitos ascension

Margaret hat gesagt…

Very hardy little plants, they grow like weeds in Australia. My brother used to cut one back with a chainsaw. The fruit though is heavenly, as is your interpretation. Beautiful.

Un Taller de Miniaturas hat gesagt…

It is awesome. Each flower, berry and leaf are perfect!!
Here, in Spain, this plant is called 'zarzamora'. Every year, in September, my children pick the berries and we made jam. It is as delicious as your work...