Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011

Crooked House is ready planted

Now Jutta and I just finished her lovely Crooked House ,which she has built last year in the workshop with Rik Pierce .
I have shown you already different photos of this project, but now we have completed it . At the door we planted the arrangement with hollyhocks and delphinium ,an owl of Irmgard is sitting on the gatepost. All the other animals are also made by Irmgard .
In the flower-bed we added the columbine and set a hosta to finish the bed .
I really love that house and I'm a little bit envious ,because I never have the time ,to complete my own house ! But sometime maybe ;-) ...

Samstag, 18. Juni 2011

Magical things decorated with flowers

Spider mums with an open book
Tansy loosely added to a witch book
Some herbs at the stove,ready for the mixture of the witch in her kitchen . The basket with apples and worms are from Kiva !

A withered rose grows out of the book ,perhaps a wrong spell :-) !

These are just some ideas of Karin and me how to team magical books or bundles together with flowers and herbs . I like it, because it brings life in the dark side of mysticism :-) !

Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2011

What a great day :-)

Today I get this wonderful gift from Cornelia , a really amazing magician. Look at his character face, isn't he great ?! Many thanks again Cornelia ,you really made my day :-) !

Here you can see the complete room-box ,it's build by my dearest friend Karin
It is one of my favourites that she build for me. All the decorated furniture ,book stacks, accessories here and there are also made by Karin specially for me :-)

Owl,little bird,squirrel and husky made by Irmgard Gritzan , Annie Willis made the ape and Manuela Schulz made the phoenix,the parrot and the sorcerer' s apprentice . Chandelier and torchair are made by Tony Knott .
Unfortunately today the light is very bad here at home,so I made two versions of every picture .One with and one without photoflash .

Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2011

My other treasuries from the show 1zu12

These dolls from Cornelia Köhler of Characters in Miniature were the first things I have bought . No wonder : We drove together to the show and already in the car I looked in her packages :-) ! The great couple is Pater Brown and his housekeeper .The lovely housewife ,busy cleaning, is the start for my new kitchen.

These great magical books and paper bundles are of course from nobody else than my dearest friend Karin Caspar of K.C. Design . Karin I didn't buy enough ,have to contact you :-) !

More miniatures for the kitchen from Miniature Alemikimikri . I never can resist there charming things and so every year some things came in my collection :-) !

For the garden a watering can from Alemikimikri Miniatures .
A shelf and a flowerpot holder by Le mini di Pierluigi . This man makes really great things ,is full of ideas and the things are perfect for my flowers. I was very glad to met him !
The board is also from Le mini di Pierluigi . He told me that this board stoods in every Italian kitchen and it is for herbs.But I sadly forgot the right name for this,because it was Italian .Perhaps anybody of you could help me ???

A tray consistent with wall tiles I bought already last year for my new kitchen from Tiny Ceramics .
For my flowers I bought wonderful butterflies from Manuela Herbst of Scarlett's zauberhafte Miniaturen .They are made very detailed ,the bodies are molded and every butterfly has his legs !

And at last delicious bread and croissants from Stephanie Kilkast of PetitPlat Food Art .