Samstag, 16. August 2014

Linda's Cake Creations

It’s a long time ago, that I have written in my blog. But the summer was filled with such a fine weather , that I spend much time outside.
 In the last three weeks I finished a project of mine, which is my juwel at the moment :-) I love collecting miniature food, especially from my miniature friend Linda Cummings . So after a long time it was possible for her to make all the cakes and different cupcakes for me. I  built the café and repainted the furniture into a shabby look. The tables and chairs are from Jose Garcia Molano. At the show in Rheda Julie Campbell and Jain Squires suprised me with these wonderful dolls . Julie has made the wonderful ladies and Jain the waiter. He is a very funny character figure ,like all her creations.  I love how he bored listening to the themes the ladies  :-)
Here are the photos of the café, I hope you enjoy it to look at them !