Sonntag, 7. Juli 2013

Published and a review at the show 1zu12 in Germany

It's one month ago, that we had the wonderful show 1zu12 here in Germany . Like always it was filled with great artisans and I enjoyed the two days there as an exhibitor.  I was really glad, when I received the German Magazine 1zu12  and the Spanish Miniaturas . Both magazines published my flowers and special show displays .
Here are some photos of these two magazines

This was my special show display. A wagon of Hans Meier , filled with different kind of flower arrangements . As a memory, I combined it with dolls of my friend Cornelia Koehler. She passed away in April this year .

  A mix of flowers and the terrace in teamwork with Alexandra Cantatore and Pierluigi Pirovano 

                                          The terrace also on the cover of the Spanish Miniaturas :-)