Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2011

Hairdresser's shop

Since working at my flowers ,I have made a hairdresser's shop for a doll ,that Cornelia Köhler made . I bought the box in Rheda and made a modern shop . I put LED light inside, so you have a good insight also with the front before .
You see, it's just at the beginning , but everything takes a while :-) . The furniture is bought by Delph Miniatures ,I really like their assortment . The palms just stand there until I have made enough decoration like posters and everything what makes a modern Hairdresser's shop.
I made the pillars out of plexiglass and marbled them with acrylic colors .
Here will be the place for the man ,maybe someone who will be shaved ?!
Here you see Dany closer ,I really love that doll .Like always Cornelia did a marvelous job . He will dress a funky girl .