Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2011

Hairdresser's shop

Since working at my flowers ,I have made a hairdresser's shop for a doll ,that Cornelia Köhler made . I bought the box in Rheda and made a modern shop . I put LED light inside, so you have a good insight also with the front before .
You see, it's just at the beginning , but everything takes a while :-) . The furniture is bought by Delph Miniatures ,I really like their assortment . The palms just stand there until I have made enough decoration like posters and everything what makes a modern Hairdresser's shop.
I made the pillars out of plexiglass and marbled them with acrylic colors .
Here will be the place for the man ,maybe someone who will be shaved ?!
Here you see Dany closer ,I really love that doll .Like always Cornelia did a marvelous job . He will dress a funky girl .

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Eliana hat gesagt…

... There would be no other place to Danny, he seems perfect for your Hairdresser's shop (lol. .. I'm just kidding).
The doll made by Cornelia is really amazing! I'm sure that the Hairdresser's shop will be beautiful when you finish it.

Catherine hat gesagt…

What a great room box! That doll is FANTASTIC! He is telling me just standing there who he is. LOL It is wonderful.

Flor hat gesagt…

Jeannette ¡Esta increíble!!!! Si la ve mi estilista ¡ Enloquece!! Cada detalle tan bien logrado ¡Wow! La voy a seguir admirando ¡Felicidades super buen trabajo!!!
Un abrazo

Michelle hat gesagt…

This is amazing and it looks so authentic, moreso how you've added all the little touches of a modern hairdressers! The plexiglass that you made look like marble is so wonderful. I love the flooring too, it looks like Richard Stacey's granite?!

Danny is so fabulous though, that hair and pose...gosh just perfect! lol

It's great to see something modern for a change and this is special. :o)

Michelle xx

Garden of Miniatures hat gesagt…

Hi Michelle,no the floor is from Disacc Maquett .But I just looked at the floor of Richard Stacey and now I'm angry about myself.I should have asked you before, because the floor of him is great.I think,if I have time,I will change the floor. Grumbling Jeannette :-)

*Mieke*Petitevictorianrose*and*PastTimeChildhood hat gesagt…

Wunderful, it looks so real !!!!!!!

Hugs Mieke