Donnerstag, 29. September 2011

Over the teacups and a misery in the kitchen

Yesterday I finished a new room box for myself. It's for my poor housewife ,who has to clean the floor. She is making orange marmalade ,but one glass has fallen on the floor :-(
Her man consoles her and gives her backslapping :-)
The wonderful board of making orange marmalade is from my lovely friend Linda ,I'm totally in love with that scene. She also made a little tray with croissants and a single glass of orange marmalade . At the corner you see one of her great baskets filled with different sorts of bread .
Jana has made me different books for my kitchens.This beautiful leather bonded is my favorite book !
The two old ladies are frightened about the misery in the kitchen and forget to eat .

I just also like to thank Susi ,many shabby things and furniture pieces in the kitchen are made by her . She is wonderful and every piece of her is a delight . The beautiful furniture in Art Nouveau are from Jean Luc Gaillat !
All figures are made by my friend Cornelia . I love the different personality in every figure she is doing for me . For me her figures are speaking :-)
Here you can see again my high passion for Linda's food :-) Because we had orange marmalade in the kitchen, she made me this fabulous Orange Gateu on a glass stand . For the cake stand of my service ,made by Margarethe Freundenstein, Linda made 14 different pastries .
I have to show you the pastries and cake single. Linda's work is so unique and perfect , so look at it in the detailed photos !

So and here we have the side with many place holders ,the window for flowers :-) ! Shame on me ,but flowers are always a stepchild in my "own" collections . But hey ,I have one rose bouquet,it is a start ,grin .

Freitag, 23. September 2011

A gift for a special friend

This is a gift for a special friend of mine.
The idea for the design of the columbine didn't come from me. I've reworked it after a painting by Albrecht Duerer.

Donnerstag, 15. September 2011

Water plants

Water lilies in summer and water lilies in autumn

At the moment I'm making different water plants. It's bad to make a photo because I don't plant them in the water by myself . The plants are for the members of the Rik Pierce class " Fair Rosemund Bower " next week here in Germany. Like every year Karin Caspar is the organizer of this great event. I hope everybody will have much fun and I like to see photos ,buddies :-))

Sonntag, 11. September 2011

Rambler rose

Just finished this rose in pastel pink. At the moment I'm inspired of all the wonderful things in shabby chic and so I made the rose consistent with these colors.

Mittwoch, 7. September 2011


I get this award from Ivani who is making wonderful food,take a look at her blog . Many thanks Ivani for giving that to me. And now comes the hard part,giving the award to 10 blogs you also deserve this price . My list would be longer than that, because so many of you do fantastic things . So I share this award with all of you ;-) Hugs,Jeannette