Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2011

What a great day :-)

Today I get this wonderful gift from Cornelia , a really amazing magician. Look at his character face, isn't he great ?! Many thanks again Cornelia ,you really made my day :-) !

Here you can see the complete room-box ,it's build by my dearest friend Karin
It is one of my favourites that she build for me. All the decorated furniture ,book stacks, accessories here and there are also made by Karin specially for me :-)

Owl,little bird,squirrel and husky made by Irmgard Gritzan , Annie Willis made the ape and Manuela Schulz made the phoenix,the parrot and the sorcerer' s apprentice . Chandelier and torchair are made by Tony Knott .
Unfortunately today the light is very bad here at home,so I made two versions of every picture .One with and one without photoflash .