Samstag, 23. Februar 2013

I'm busy working

While it is still snowing outside and it's really cold, I try to bring a breath of summer on my work table. I'm very busy working, because I'm already working for the show in the beginning of June in Rheda . Time is flying every year and I hope , that I will manage it this year, that I don't bustling around like every year . Haha, I don't believe in that ! Here are some news I have made during the last weeks : Some mixed flowers for the garden like the red geraniums and the dame's violet. A bunch of spider mums .

                                    Here is a new fan palm ,which fits wonderful in an entrance hall.

 And a little lemon tree. I made it now high,like in the past. It is only 7cm high , including the pot. So it can be used in a kitchen scene or at the terrace . The little garden accessories made by my friend Alexandra Cantatore