Samstag, 22. Dezember 2012

Merry Christmas

                                       Wishing you a Merry Christmas

Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2012

Dried and culinary herbs

It's autumn and so it's the best time for making herbs in miniature. Many inspirations everywhere in real.
So I decorated some culinary herbs on a sewing machine 

                                                              Some pots with lavender 

    Here you can see a collection of my dried herbs at a trellis I have made for a friend of mine. 

Donnerstag, 27. September 2012

Roses in sharp contrast

A mini friend asked me to make these roses. It was the first time for me, that I have made ​​black roses. Working with this color is very difficult. But the lady was right, you can say a lot with roses.

In contrast one single rose in red 

Sonntag, 23. September 2012

Chapel of San Damiano

This is the reproduction in miniature of the chapel San Damiano in Italy . My customer just send me this photo. A wonderful place, where my flowers now have found a home .

Mittwoch, 12. September 2012

Back from the show

After relaxing from the show and before I start going back to work, I like to show you my treasures
                                               Beautifully crafted sheep by Irmgard Gritzan
                          Handcart, bird houses and a swing, which I will use for a large apple tree
                                            These things are made by  Hans Meier

                                                Beautiful basketry by Waldemar Backert

                               Porcelain by my friend Margarethe Freudenstein
This time she also made something for the "normal kitchen" . So I couldn't resist and will use it for my Italian kitchen.

This was my table at the show. Above you can see a port which is the story of the movie "Father Brown".
A team of miniaturists has worked for this in over a year. Each with their specialties.
 Karin Caspar built the harbor, Linda Cummings and Kiva Atkinson made ​​a lot of seafood, Cornelia Koehler worked the characters, Hans Meier made the fish cart and myself assembled the whole thing with plants. The customer, which the object belongs, was so friendly and lent it to me for the show. I was very proud to show this team work project there!

Freitag, 31. August 2012

" Schoene kleine Welt " in Giessen

Morgen,am 01.09.2012 von 11.00-17.00 Uhr startet abermals die Show in Buseck/ Giessen
 " Schoene kleine Welt "

Hier noch ein paar Neuigkeiten, die ich dafuer gearbeitet habe.


Dienstag, 21. August 2012

Common brooms

At first I like to thank everyone for the lovely comments to my last posts. I was really thrilled about all your kind words. I know, at the moment I'm a very bad blogger,but I'm just before my last show for this year. It starts in 14 days and I have to hurry up !!!

"Schoene kleine Welt " here in my hometown Giessen.

I think and hope, most of you enjoy the lovely summer!!!  I feel like baked in my workroom, yesterday we had 35 degrees. After the show I hope to have more time for blogging and for looking at all the wonderful things you have made. At the moment, if I have time, I post more in Facebook. Perhaps some of you like to add me as a friend . I put a link of my Facebook site here in the blog ;-)

For today I like to show my new plant, a common broom, which I have made for a miniature scene, which plays in Ireland .

Montag, 13. August 2012


 I enjoy the summer and so also the holidays with my children. Hope you all have a wonderful summertime ,too !!! Now we all know, summer isn't the time to do so much in miniature. I completely changed my garden with new plants, which was much fun!
But  I wasn't lazy and made some new flowers in miniature, too . One are the thistles, much fun to make them .

Also I have made bindweed in different colors, like white, pastel pink, blue and lilac.

Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2012

Again peonies

I've finished another kind of peonies. The bouquets will stand in a church of a friend ,that's why I have taken these vases. Magarethe Freudenstein gilded them with a special method.

Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2012


The last peonies fade now in the garden. So I took the last as model for making them in miniature. These pink peonies are decorated in a vase of Elisabeth Causeret .

Dienstag, 5. Juni 2012

Back from the show

Hi, I'm back from the show in Rheda and it was really wonderful. I have seen so many beautiful things and so my purse is empty ,lol :-) ! But it was also great to meet so many lovely people,thank you all who stopped and said " Hello" !
In all the hectic I forgot to pack my camera,typical for me :-( ! But Karin made one picture of my stand. Perhaps others of you took some photos ?

Samstag, 26. Mai 2012

1zu12 Die Messe Rheda Wiedenbrück

Jetzt ist es nur noch eine Woche und vielleicht geht es euch auch so wie mir, die Vorfreude auf die Messe steigt gewaltig :-) .
Zur Information wollte ich euch noch eines mitteilen : Da meine Freundin, Cornelia Köhler, von Characters in Miniature  aus gesundheitlichen Gründen nicht an der Messe teilnehmen kann , findet ihr einige ihrer wunderbaren Figuren in diesem Jahr an meinem Stand. Meine Standnummer ist übrigens auch dieses Jahr wieder die 55 S !

Sonntag, 20. Mai 2012

German miniature show 1zu12 in Rheda-Wiedenbrück

Bald ist es wieder soweit und die größte Messe Deutschlands startet erneut . 1zu12 Die Messe öffnet die Türen am 2 und 3 Juni in Rheda-Wiedenbrück. Ich bin jetzt schon ganz neugierig  auf all die wunderschönen Dinge und freue mich über jeden der an meinem Stand vorbeikommt um " Hallo" zu sagen :-)

Soon I'll be a part of  the biggest show event in Germany,  1zu12 die Messe  at the 2th and 3th of June.
I hope to see many of you there and I'm glad about everyone who stops and says " Hello " :-)

Dienstag, 17. April 2012

Still here ;-)

Sorry for being so absent,but I'm busy working for the next fair in the beginning of June . If  sometimes I can take a moment, I read your posts and look at all the wonderful things you are doing.
So just like to share a wreath with withered roses with you :-)

Samstag, 31. März 2012

Basket with roses

I had have the luck to get one of  the wonderful baskets of Lidi Stroud.  This basket is particularly suitable for many flowers, in this case I took roses in pink and antique white.
Wish you a nice weekend  :-))

Montag, 12. März 2012

Wonderful work of Natalia

I received my petit point pictures from Natalia of Scarlet Sails Miniatures and like to show you her fantastic work decorated in one of my rooms. Please take a look of  her incredible work ! It is such a fine embroidery that I don't know, how someone can do that. As I saw it in her blog I immediately knew that I have to have them. Now I'm really proud to have this two stunning pieces of art in my collection and I know,this isn't the last piece . Many Thanks Natalia !!!

Mittwoch, 7. März 2012

Hibiscus and a little bunch of camomile

I'm in the mood of summer, hope that it will be here soon ! So till that I have made a hibiscus , which I love to have in my real garden. This is one the miniature creation ,an apricot with red in the middle .

             Also at the weekend I tried a new bunch of hanging flowers and made a camomile .

Sonntag, 26. Februar 2012

A new rose vine

I finished the first rose vine for the new court  . It gives me many options for my flowers and I thought a rose at the stairs will be a good start .Hope you like it too :-)

Dienstag, 21. Februar 2012

A bouquet of fresh summer flowers

Just wait eagerly for the summer I was very pleased as a lovely person asked me to make her a bouquet of summer flowers. Here it is, a mix of poppies,cornflowers,daisies,roses,dahlias and baby's breath .Hope it will fit good in the complete scene :-)

Like most of my vases this one is also a design of  Magarethe Freudenstein.

Montag, 13. Februar 2012

Clematis and ivy

The last 2 weeks I have worked at a large clematis in purple. I added an Ivy to this, because I think, so it looks more natural . The scene you see in the background is a new building of Karin ,she will send you more photos. Unfortunately  it is not mine :-( ,she really did a fantastic job by this !

Mittwoch, 25. Januar 2012

Different kind of begonias

During the last days I made three sorts of begonias. It was a very interesting think ,playing with colors and difficult to cut the leaves. One, which looks like little snail, has also little hairs on the leaves .

Montag, 9. Januar 2012

Apple tree

New year have started and so I thought, I will show you one of the things that I have made in commission .It is an apple tree for the new house some people made in the class of  Rik Pierce, the Fair Rosamund Bower. The tree will stand at the front beside the door. I sadly don't have this house,so I photographed it at my witch cottage, where the pigs are looking hungrily for an apple :-)