Dienstag, 21. August 2012

Common brooms

At first I like to thank everyone for the lovely comments to my last posts. I was really thrilled about all your kind words. I know, at the moment I'm a very bad blogger,but I'm just before my last show for this year. It starts in 14 days and I have to hurry up !!!

"Schoene kleine Welt " here in my hometown Giessen.

I think and hope, most of you enjoy the lovely summer!!!  I feel like baked in my workroom, yesterday we had 35 degrees. After the show I hope to have more time for blogging and for looking at all the wonderful things you have made. At the moment, if I have time, I post more in Facebook. Perhaps some of you like to add me as a friend . I put a link of my Facebook site here in the blog ;-)

For today I like to show my new plant, a common broom, which I have made for a miniature scene, which plays in Ireland .

8 Kommentare:

Catherine hat gesagt…

Those are so real and just gorgeous! Another lovely arrangement!

Rosa hat gesagt…

Como todas tus plantas , es perfecta .
Que tengas mucha suerte

*Mieke*Petitevictorianrose*and*PastTimeChildhood hat gesagt…

Hi Jeanette, your broom looks beautiful, like all your lovely plants !
Hugs Mieke xxx

Drora's minimundo hat gesagt…

Gorgeous! Like all your flowers and plants!
Hugs, Drora

mm hat gesagt…

For YOU:

Sandra hat gesagt…

Might be 'common' but it is still bright and cheerful and pretty. You do all your plants so well, they are totally realistic.

Giac hat gesagt…

Hello Jeanette,
Absolutely beautiful work. You did a wonderful job and the detail is perfect.
Very impressive,
Big hug,

Kathy hat gesagt…

Wonderful!! I love it!!