Dienstag, 23. Dezember 2014

Merry Christmas


      Wishing all my friends a MerryChristmas  
                         and a peaceful time  xx

Donnerstag, 2. Oktober 2014

Things I have done in the last time

One unique project was this lilac tree. It took me a long time to finish it and because there are laser cuts,every green leaf is cut by hand . I made it in a size of 6 inch with a diameter 4,8 inch,so that it is suitable to every house or garden. The right place to feel good after a long day ;-)

 This Portuguese patio was another challenge for me. It should be overgrown with plants of this region, but of course the wonderful tiles shouldn't be eclipsed . So I choose a large bougainvillea,a passion flower, oleander in different colors and a hibiscus. A large bouquet with roses loosen up the long front and in the fountain I put some water lilies in pastel yellow.
The patio was build by Karin Caspar, tiles are made by Tiny Ceramics. Stucco are made by Sue Cook and the wonderful iron worked things are by Jose Garcia Molano.

                                         The wonderful fruit bowl is made by Linda Cummings

Samstag, 16. August 2014

Linda's Cake Creations

It’s a long time ago, that I have written in my blog. But the summer was filled with such a fine weather , that I spend much time outside.
 In the last three weeks I finished a project of mine, which is my juwel at the moment :-) I love collecting miniature food, especially from my miniature friend Linda Cummings . So after a long time it was possible for her to make all the cakes and different cupcakes for me. I  built the café and repainted the furniture into a shabby look. The tables and chairs are from Jose Garcia Molano. At the show in Rheda Julie Campbell and Jain Squires suprised me with these wonderful dolls . Julie has made the wonderful ladies and Jain the waiter. He is a very funny character figure ,like all her creations.  I love how he bored listening to the themes the ladies  :-)
Here are the photos of the café, I hope you enjoy it to look at them !

Freitag, 25. April 2014

Garden shed

A complete planted cottage in teamwork with my friend Karin Caspar . Like in all our projects, that we do together, Karin build the house with the external and I make the flowers around. 
The interior is also made by Karin. We had much fun by doing this project ,I hope you enjoy the photos ;-)

Samstag, 12. April 2014

Fuchsia bush in lilac with pastel pink

I just finished this fuchsia in a new combination of colors. Maybe it brings you a little bit of Summer time :-)

                                           Here with my little piglet ,which is always curious :-)

Dienstag, 25. März 2014

Little things for every place

While spring is coming closer and closer, I was inspired by some flowers in my garden,which I really love. Pansy ,which bloom in so many,wonderful colors.
I planted my first pansy in a garden box by Alexandra Cantatore - Minitaure Alemikimkri

                                          A lovely contrast to that is a rose from the last year

Montag, 24. März 2014

Little summer breeze

At the moment I finish the planting for a house . One of my ideas for the window was the flower box ,which will be set into the window. I will post photos until I finish the complete project .

Dienstag, 7. Januar 2014

Started the new year with novelties

I hope you all had a good New Year and celebrated it with your friends and family .

I thought it would be lovely to start with something new ,so I made blueberry bush and a climbing wild brier.