Dienstag, 25. März 2014

Little things for every place

While spring is coming closer and closer, I was inspired by some flowers in my garden,which I really love. Pansy ,which bloom in so many,wonderful colors.
I planted my first pansy in a garden box by Alexandra Cantatore - Minitaure Alemikimkri

                                          A lovely contrast to that is a rose from the last year

10 Kommentare:

Catherine hat gesagt…

I LOVE those pansies they are so cute!

The Old Maid hat gesagt…

Beautiful flowers as usual Jeannette! I love this single rose!

Flora hat gesagt…

So sweet and beautiful!
As usual :-)

Eliana hat gesagt…

Lovely flowers! :)

Marisa hat gesagt…

Pansy's are my favorite flower..yours are so cute!


Isabel Ruiz hat gesagt…

Muy reales

The grandmommy hat gesagt…

Both are so pretty!

Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan hat gesagt…

I love the thoughts,
They are beautiful!

elizabeth s hat gesagt…

Your Pansies are PERFECT! I can imagine the feel of their velvety petals through the picture on- screen and smell that sweet violet fragrance that comes from them through the air waves. These are some of the most beautiful Pansies that I have seen. Wonderful work and incredible craftsmanship! :D


Garden of Miniatures hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot for all your lovely comments ! Hugs,Jeannette