Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011

Please don't make this mistake

This will be a longer post, but perhaps it is useful for some you . I have made this monastery garden two years ago together with Karin for a customer . It took a long time after planing, building and planting and we were very proud . So but I have made the mistake, to trust a new material which came out in our shop for model railway . It was called " Moss for glade " , a product of Busch ( a German company ). What I didn't know, that it was a natural building material !
This is the result after two years , the whole grass looks sere and withered ! So that's why made these photos today, please don't take natural material for miniature garden. It is only for a short time , after that you can cast it away . As I saw this by my customer, I took the garden and promised to refresh it completely. Fortunately he is also a good friend and he wasn't angry about that what happened .
And this was my day : I put every flower out of the garden and deleted the whole grass with a scraper and a cutter knife . After that I put on a coat from my wallpaper waste and put new grass from woodland scenic on it. And after hours of setting all the flowers on the right place , the whole thing was restored :-) ! I have made some pictures , although I hadn't daylight, but I'm so lucky now and show you them .