Dienstag, 21. August 2012

Common brooms

At first I like to thank everyone for the lovely comments to my last posts. I was really thrilled about all your kind words. I know, at the moment I'm a very bad blogger,but I'm just before my last show for this year. It starts in 14 days and I have to hurry up !!!

"Schoene kleine Welt " here in my hometown Giessen.

I think and hope, most of you enjoy the lovely summer!!!  I feel like baked in my workroom, yesterday we had 35 degrees. After the show I hope to have more time for blogging and for looking at all the wonderful things you have made. At the moment, if I have time, I post more in Facebook. Perhaps some of you like to add me as a friend . I put a link of my Facebook site here in the blog ;-)

For today I like to show my new plant, a common broom, which I have made for a miniature scene, which plays in Ireland .