Mittwoch, 12. September 2012

Back from the show

After relaxing from the show and before I start going back to work, I like to show you my treasures
                                               Beautifully crafted sheep by Irmgard Gritzan
                          Handcart, bird houses and a swing, which I will use for a large apple tree
                                            These things are made by  Hans Meier

                                                Beautiful basketry by Waldemar Backert

                               Porcelain by my friend Margarethe Freudenstein
This time she also made something for the "normal kitchen" . So I couldn't resist and will use it for my Italian kitchen.

This was my table at the show. Above you can see a port which is the story of the movie "Father Brown".
A team of miniaturists has worked for this in over a year. Each with their specialties.
 Karin Caspar built the harbor, Linda Cummings and Kiva Atkinson made ​​a lot of seafood, Cornelia Koehler worked the characters, Hans Meier made the fish cart and myself assembled the whole thing with plants. The customer, which the object belongs, was so friendly and lent it to me for the show. I was very proud to show this team work project there!