Montag, 29. August 2011

7 Amazing Blogs

By fluke I just found this site . Isn't that funny and great in a web page which actual has nothing to do with miniatures.

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Catherine hat gesagt…

And I see some of my favorite blogs in the link too!!! Congratulations for being included. :-)

marlies hat gesagt…

Völlig zu Recht, dass deinem Blog in dieser Liste ist!
* marlies

Garden of Miniatures hat gesagt…

Yes Catherine,there are also my favorite blogs included,that's why I posted this link ;-)
Dank dir Marlies xxx

miniacollection hat gesagt…

It is amazing what you can find on the net. It must have been a big surprise to see your blog. It is an excellent choice of blogs, unfortunately it didn't show any blogs I don't know.
Thank you for sharing.

Flor hat gesagt…

Ahora voy a ver el enlace ¡Gracias!!!
Un besito

Eliana hat gesagt…

Oh dear, your blog is really wonderful and you deserve to be among the best. Congratulations!

Flora hat gesagt…

Ah, what a great satisfaction for you seven, on Mount Olympus :-)
Mini hugs,

Garden of Miniatures hat gesagt…

Thanks for your kind words ! On Mount Olympus ,I think many of us would deserve to be listed in such an article .It was a little bit luck :-)