Samstag, 13. August 2011

New plants for the fair " Schöne kleine Welt "

Being a bad blogger the last time, but I have a inflammation in forearm and it hurts a lot . So I avoid to be on the computer and I'm sorry that I wasn't able to comment all the beautiful things you have made in the last time. Making some miniatures is also very difficult, but I use my time as much as I can. Cause I have a fair in three weeks here in Giessen , " Schoene kleine Welt " , and I can't go there with an empty table :-( !
I like to show you this hanging basket with pastel fuchsias in soft yellow with rose I have made.

On the other side of my display for the table I made these geraniums in a pot for the wall.
I think I will add some soft pink roses and an ivy to this.
Hope to be an active blogger in the next time :-) !

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linsminis hat gesagt…

Jeannette, they are gorgeous...just what I expect from you! Fabulous work! Sorry to hear about your arm.....I hope it starts to feel better soon! Mini hugs, Linda

Anneke hat gesagt…

Beautifull flowers, they look splendid. Sorry to hear about your arm, hope it gets better soon! Good luck at the fair!

Flor hat gesagt…

Es hermosa!!!!Que flores más bellas Ö
Un abrazo

Catherine hat gesagt…

Jeannette, I am so sorry to hear about your arm. I am wondering what could be causing that. I hope it isn't too painful!!!

The flowers are just beautiful. I love hanging baskets and have seen very few of them I loved in miniature. Your is perfect...As always! I love the geraniums! A bit of dripping ivy will look great in the basket. I hope you will show us mosre photos of it when you decide it is finished. :-)

Keep your fingers crossed for me... Unexpected eye surgery on Monday! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!

Patty hat gesagt…

Jeanette, You are AMAZING!!!! Your flowers are always so incredible and perfect! Sorry about your arm. My sister just went to the doctor's this week with the same trouble. "Tennis elbow" from working with heavy fabrics. She was told to ice it three times a day and take an anti-inflammatory aspirin.(Motrin) I hope your arm feels better soon.

Ascension hat gesagt…

Espero que te encuentres mejor.
Seguro que tendras mucho exito en la feria.
Las flores que has hecho, podria decirse que son tipicas de España.
El geranio te ha quedado de lo mas real.
Y "la gitanilla" me encanta, mi mama tenia una cuando yo era pequeña.
Tu trabajo siempre es fantasticamente real.
besitos ascension

Unknown hat gesagt…

Wunderschöne Blumen hast du gemacht. Ich wünsche dir gute Besserung und viel Spaß auf der Messe. Leider ist Gießen zu weit von Berlin entfernt. Liebe Grüße Craftland

Eliana hat gesagt…

These flowers are very beautiful! It's amazing how you do them in a way so realistic.

Drora's minimundo hat gesagt…

Your flowers are gorgeous. I'm sure they will be snapped up at the fair. Hope your arm gets better very soon.

Garden of Miniatures hat gesagt…

Thank you all for your nice comments and best wishes!!! For luck my man is a physical therapist, so my arm is getting better from day to day.Perhaps your sister should try this too Patty! Catherine this happens often to me if I don't notice the first telltale signs and give my hands a little break.I'm hopeless at that :-(! If you do the same thing like shaping leaves and punching over the whole day,this will happen! Hugs,Jeannette

Catherine hat gesagt…

Jeannette, There has to be a way to make something that would hold the punch and punch the pieces out for you. I LOVE figuring out things like that. Making a tool for a tool in this case.

Thank you for your comment in my blog. I really appreciate your well wishes. Catherine XXXXX

Irene hat gesagt…

They're beautiful. I hope your arm feels better soon.

Maria hat gesagt…

Hope your arm feels better, i love your flowers, so detaild. Good luck at the fair.

Michelle hat gesagt…

The flowers are soooo wonderful. I love the fuchsia's the most, they look so real. Outstanding and fabulous work as always.

You may need a steroid injection to take the inflammation down. It works well with RSI and tennis elbow. Anything we do that is repetitive has its dangers. :o(( I have to be very careful myself because I do suffer from RSI. Do take care!!!! :o))))))))))))

Wishing you better soon!!!
Michelle xxx

*Mieke*Petitevictorianrose*and*PastTimeChildhood hat gesagt…

Deine blumen sind traumhaft schön, aber wie schrecklich mit dein arm, ich hoffe es geht ihm bald wieder besser.
Viele liebe grüße Mieke

Kleine Vingers hat gesagt…

Hoffentlich wird Ihren Arm bald besser und können sie schöne sachen machen für Giessen. Die Füchsia und Geranien sind sehr schön und ich wünschte ich könnte Giessen besuchen und die Pflanzen echt sehen. Man sieht ja eigentlich nicht das es miniaturen sind.
Miniature greetings