Sonntag, 18. Januar 2015


I like to start the new year with a new plant in my collection. The wisteria is something which I wanted to do for quiet some time now. I now finished it and it is already planted at the house of a customer :-)

8 Kommentare:

miniaturista hat gesagt…

te ha quedado un rincón acogedor.
Las plantas siempre alegran.
Un abrazo

elizabeth s hat gesagt…

Your wisteria is very lovely and I know that it must have taken you a lot of time to do. Your customer must be DELIGHTED to have your Beautiful plant scenting her mini garden. :D

Linda hat gesagt…

Beautiful. :)

Isabel Ruiz hat gesagt…

Preciosa. Es una planta que me gusta mucho y creo que te ha quedado muy bien.

miniacollection hat gesagt…

Really beautiful!

Victoria Cascales hat gesagt…

Es una planta preciosa y a ti te ha quedado igual que la real.
Un trabajo excelente.

The grandmommy hat gesagt…

I have wisteria growing at home and these are just as beautiful. Great job!

Timea hat gesagt…

Your plants and flowers are beautiful
I wish I had a garden like the one you make .